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About Us

From Since 1993 our manufacturing unit Silver Tailoring and Emb is located in Ajman.

Our mission is to establish Global Ibdaa General Trading as the leading manufacturer and supplier of non-woven and garments items in UAE as well as all over the world


Quality and customer satisfaction are the bedrock of any successful organization. At Global Ibdaa we are glad to have lived up convincingly to both the parameters of success. Since our inception, manufacture and supply of top-grade products and high level of customer satisfaction has remained as the cornerstone of all our business strategies. Under the leadership of Mrs. Rakhi Singh the company has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Mrs. Rakhi Singh is the owner of Global Ibdaa General Trading. She has vast experience of working in non-woven industry. Due to her broad vision and close monitoring of each phase of converting raw material into finished goods Global Ibdaa has converted from a small scale manufacturer of the non-woven fabric into the biggest suppliers of the non-woven fabric and garments items across the world. Our products are now used in the leading hotels and other industries across the world.

We believe that success is not just about making quick profits, but about building long term relationship with our clients. Not only do we keep looking forward to building new relationships, with our high level of professionalism and top-notch services we reinforce the existing ones as well. We understand that any relationship is upheld and continued with the strong, binding threads of commitment, integrity and the resolve to maintain the highest standards of services. We are proud to have gained and maintained the undying confidence of our clients over the years.

Our workshop Silver Tailoring and Emb is located in Ajman, UAE. We are the leading suppliers of nonwoven fabric items today. Our engineered fabrics are used extensively in various fields including medical and hospitality industries. Our nonwoven products also find applications in spas and households.

Some of the nonwoven items we have excelled at manufacturing include Laundry bags, News paper bags, Shoe bags, Hairdryer Bag, Coat cover, Suit cover, Scale bag, Iron bag, Perfume pillow, Pillow bag, Blanket bag, Disdasha covers, caps, face mask, apron, Surgical gown, patients gown, plain sheets, spa panties for male and female, non-woven bra, nonwoven men shorts, non-woven facial gowns, massage gowns, headband, spa langots, female thongs, footwear, etc.

We also manufacture high quality garments including Shirts, T-shirts, Caps, labour coverall, Vest, Jackets, shorts and all types of Hotels, corporate, staff & school uniform etc. Our garments are not only perfect for the regular users but are also most suitable for the corporatel purposes as well.

Besides nonwoven fabric and garments, we also have the huge collection of the laundry items and accessories like trouser guard, shoulder guard, shirt board, PVC hangers, plastic hangers, plastic bags, linen trolleys, thermo-patch roll, tagging needles, tagging guns, laundry machines, Spotting chemicals, dry cleaning solvents and perfumes, Detergents and Chemicals. These items are meant for commercial as well as residential applications. We are trusted by a large number of retailers and homeowners for the supply of superior quality laundry items.

From Since 1993 our manufacturing unit Silver Tailoring and Emb is located in Ajman. The unit is equipped with up to date machinery and hardworking employees with the manufacturing capacities of up to 80000 per month.


  • Building a diversified business that provides outstanding services and value to our clients.
  • Following highest professional and ethical standards in all of our business communications.
  • Being lucrative and progressive.
  • Forming a brilliant health and environmental safety records.
  • Providing training and encouraging career growth activities for our staff.
  • Ensuring profitable and growing business by adding value through our exceptional services and commitment.
  • Working as a team to achieve the better business results and to uphold the highest level of standards.


All members of our workforce are handpicked for their expertise and exceptional skills. Each department in our factories and manufacturing units are comprises of proficient and well trained teams. These teams are following organized chain of command and structured procedures, finally reporting to director who is vigorously driving the business operations.

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